@rdalton and i can't paste text into a Toot.

Btw, i had a seven-month stint as a Software QA Engineer. Can you tell? Ahahaha!

@rdalton oh yeah, i can also do Technical Writing. So, i.can write manuals, how-to's and so on.

@rdalton ach! Ijust realized that all that was public. But the button to DM you is grayed out.

I am happy that you are eager to work together. I look forward to where we will go.

Never heard of Sulphur Springs. Where is it?

@rdalton Since we are both in Texas, i propose a partnership. I would like to write and edit copy for your website, marketing materials and whatever else you need in the domain of communications and PR. I will send you samples of my work, if you like.

You are doing great work for the world of tech and floss, and i want to be a part of it. Let Me know how i can help. I hope you find this opportunity as exciting as i do.

@rdalton hi Robert, i just read your bio on the Ctrl Systems website. Your passion shines through, and i can tell you are good at what you do. But the site is full of typos and bad grammar, and it begs to be edited. I can help with that.

About me? I have a Computer Networking degree, and i worked in corporate IT for 10 years. After i got laid off, i went back to school to pursue my true passion---humanities, rhetoric and composition. But tech and floss are still big parts of my life.

Hello! I am a Linux man and aficionado in Houston. I am excited about a mini utopia of likeminded texans here. Thank you for waiting for me!

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