Howdy all we want to welcome all the new users. First I was going to tell everyone about Interests and Profile Metadata. Go to to find people with some of the same interests as you have, you can add to your profile by adding #'s to your bio. To find out more about the metadata visit

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Took off Friday, decided to get my license changed.
Driver license office decided to close at noon.

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Me and a new friend are about to see it, pretty excited!

Nothing like some data recovery lol

As the hard drive turns...

Sorry for being AFK, glad to see all the new faces. @lobs @allison

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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Hey guys, I’m new to the instance. I’m Randall, you guys neighbor to the north.

How’s life my dudes?

Ctrl Systems has added T.A.S on our support site. Just follow the link to report any

@Peg that is something I need for sure, lol.

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Hello! I am a Linux man and aficionado in Houston. I am excited about a mini utopia of likeminded texans here. Thank you for waiting for me!

Welcome @Peg, thanks for believing in open source and privacy!

As you all know Facebook is not the only company that tracks your data. If you have the time to contribute to Open Source.

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